We keep all-ages entertained with a colourful experience people will rave about!

Servicing Guelph and surrounding areas; from set-up to cleanup, our colour team are there to assist while participants are creating tie dye art with tees! It’s is a one-of-a-kind experience that provides a high-quality take-home-tee for everyone. We’ll provide all the supplies, ensure the work area is covered, and mess-free by the time we leave. The best part is that our dyes are fade-free!

teddy and tee

Monkey bum tie dye apparel is always made from 100% cotton material, professional grade dyes and bonder. We keep your colour bold and bright for years to come!


Thanks for coming to the library this summer and showing us how to tie dye! The kids love their shirts!


Thank you for these amazing shirts! The kids (3 and 5) were thrilled when I unrolled them. Our five year old said "This is exactly what I wanted it to look like!" The colours are so bright I hope these pics captures them.