Our Team

Jorja Tie Dye cartoon

Jorja-Paige took over the company in February 2019 and is excited to be carrying on this Tie Dye tradition.

This young entrepreneur comes with tons of party experience after working alongside Cleo the Clown.

You will still see her out adding the sparkle at event as a glitter tattoo artist

however she is ready to make her own mark, a tie-dye one!

Terry Tie Dye cartoon

Terry Lynn is Jorja-Paige's twisting assistant.

With a back ground in guiding, she is amazing with all ages.

This lovely lady adds tons of laughter everywhere she goes

Jenifer Tie Dye Cartoon

Jenifer can be found assisting at various events as well as the office admin.

The tables have turned , working for her daughter is an awesome change from clowning around